19 September 2022
Sameer Jaffary By Sameer Jaffary

How Can RaaS Open the Door to Warehouse Automation?

As demand for global supply chains is ever increasing, the need for ever more efficient warehouse processing remains urgent. However, companies adopting full warehouse automation remain in the minority - in no small part due to the considerable cost and complications of automation onboarding. However, there is a budget-friendly alternative: RaaS, or Robots as a Service, allows companies to benefit from robotic automation processes by leasing robotic devices, managed over a cloud-based subscription service.

By allowing a semi-automation subscription-based model, RaaS enables warehouses to enjoy increased efficiency and productivity with a lower commitment and spend. So how are RaaS companies making the most of this increasing market, and what is on offer to warehouses looking to level up their automation capabilities?

Companies Leading in RaaS.

inVia Robotics

Based in California, inVia Robotics offer a breadth of services, from RaaS through to fully-customised AI warehouse installation, meaning you can trust them as a safe platform to explore or expand your automation requirements as needed. With expert engineers working remotely to keep systems optimised, a fully-configurable WES system to meet individual needs and changing seasonality, and all operating costs included in their monthly subscription fee, inVia Robotics offer an expert service for those wanting to keep warehouse automation hassle-free.

Real-time monitoring is managed through inVia Simulation, offering simulations of your warehouse to ensure potential issues are troubleshot before they become a problem. The inVia Dashboard platform also offers detailed business intelligence reporting, with intuitive data displays allowing a full view of your warehouse productivity and fulfilment.


Pioneering human-robot collaboration, Addverb is another innovator in the RaaS space. Their product portfolio is fueled by AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision & IoT, and focusses solely on streamlining industrial operations.

Addverb’s USP is its sophisticated in-house software with industry-defining Electronic Manufacturing capability, allowing their products to be extremely flexible. As a result, they can ensure higher levels of warehouse accuracy and efficiency with little to no human interaction.

Its Dynamo, Quadron and Cruiser robots have all been specifically developed to futureproof the modern warehouse. These systems allow for the implementation of goods to person, replacing the task of moving and lifting heavy loads and eliminating travel and searching time, to optimise utilisation of space and ensure heightened efficiency and greater reliability in warehouse processing.


Combining AI cloud software and robotic automation from RaaS to full warehouse automation service, GreyOrange offers a range of robotic automation with expert development and support.

From Goods-to-Person, Totes-to-Person, and Intralogistics, to Autonomous and Assisted Picking, GreyOrange covers all aspects of warehouse management, particularly in the AMR and AS/RS space.

Locus Robotics

Trusted by the world’s most dynamic warehouses with an enviable robotic fleet, Locus Robotics can provide robotic fleet and RaaS services installed in your warehouse within just 6 weeks. Their offer is comprehensive and customisable to your needs, with holistic data reporting and fleet management included.

The Locus fleet, powered by the industry’s only fully integrated system for seamless management of all your product movements, is made up of a range of AMRs: the Locus Origin, Locus Vector, and Locus Max.

The Locus Origin is built for agile maneuvering and speed, capable of a payload of up to 80lbs. With an industrial-strength chassis and omnidirectional mobility, the Locus Vector is ideal for material handling with a maximum payload of 600lbs. The Locus Max features a broad pallet base with a payload of up to 3,000lbs, perfect for heavy construction spaces. All units feature an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, making warehouse automation easier than ever.

Fetch Robotics

With one of the broadest ranges of AMRs in the industry, Fetch Robotics combine cloud software with highly-developed robotics to ensure faster fulfilment, autonomous movement, and reliable replenishment. Their fully customisable cloud-based development toolkit software platform enables on-demand automation - putting warehouses in full control of their RaaS fleet.

Stepping Into The Future With RaaS.

Whichever company offer works for you, there is a wealth of RaaS and warehouse automation resources available to suit any warehouse, and making the most of lower costs and higher efficiency is well within your reach. Thanks to comprehensive robotic fleets covering picking, replenishment, and stock management paired with holistic cloud software, RaaS can help you stay in control of your processes with none of the hassles of a full in-house fleet.

Would you like to discuss any of these technologies, or the future of technology and automation capabilities in the space, in some more detail with me? I'd love to chat. Drop me a message at sameer.jaffary@industrial-cm.com or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat.

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How Can RaaS Open the Door to Warehouse Automation?
19 September 2022
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