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18 October 2019 By Lyle King

We Need to Talk About Smart Water: Jobs, Utilities and Global Water Scarcity

Smart water networks can and are helping combat the global water scarcity crisis, increasing productivity and efficiency. Their ability to remotely...

11 October 2019 By Connor Lynes

Time Travel, Smart Cabins and Air Taxis Shaping the Future of Flight

Innovation has long been the beating heartbeat of the aviation industry. With air travel projected to double in 20 years’ time, I’m fascinated to s...

27 September 2019 By Oliver Davies

How to Compete with Corporate Giants for Talent in Chemicals

Hefty competition from industry giants is making hiring top talent challenging for small to mid-sized chemicals companies. But with the right proce...

02 September 2019 By Harrison Carroll

Polymateria: "Usually, people say our solution is too good to be true"

I recently travelled to their London HQ to meet Polymateria's CEO Niall Dunne, hear about their story so far and find out why those coming into con...

08 July 2019 By Lyle King

Is UV Leading the Way to Better Water Treatment?

Across the globe utilities and industries are being challenged to treat water smarter. They are facing pressures to reduce their footprint, conserv...

05 July 2019 By Ben Robinson

Metso Outotec, The Perfect Synergy?

Ironically, on July 4th, Independence Day, the mineral processing industry saw one of it's biggest ever mergers announced between Metso Minerals an...

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