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21 May 2020 By Alex Mason

Carving Out A Niche in Water

Typically, we see the water market segmented into two: municipal and industrial. Most small manufacturers will specialise in one of these sectors t...

06 May 2020 By Jamie Sheard

Mining's Environmental Conscience

As a result of environmental concerns being a part of the conversation so often, mining companies have had no option but to become some of the most...

05 May 2020 By Oliver Davies

How Trinseo is Doubling Down on CASE

In March 2019, Trinseo welcomed their new President and CEO, Frank Bozich. His arrival has initiated a time of change for the organization, particu...

01 May 2020 By Oliver Davies

6 Companies Flying the Flag for Waterborne Chemicals

Originally published in November 2018, we've updated this list of the most environmentally conscious companies in the chemicals space.

21 April 2020 By Lewis Martin

5 Building Automation Companies to Get Excited About

I think this is a perfect time to take stock and celebrate all that’s great within our sector. So that’s what I’ve done here – highlighting 5 busin...

31 March 2020 By Alex Mason

Toilet Water will Solve Water Scarcity.

If we don’t change our ways, soon we won’t have enough freshwater to survive. Now water reuse and water harvesting are our best shot at tackling wa...

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