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21 April 2021
Andrew Jack By Andrew Jack

Can Hydrogen Save The World?

The potential for hydrogen is huge. But why is it not used more frequently as a main source of energy? I spoke to Grant Strem, Chairman and CEO at ...

29 March 2021
Bilal Ahmed By Bilal Ahmed

How IoT Could Save Our Cities from Waste.

The global population is rising. Our cities are getting bigger. And by 2050 the world is expected to have four billion tonnes of waste to dispose o...

11 March 2021
Sam McMillan By Sam McMillan

5 Companies Revolutionising Manufacturing with AI.

AI is revolutionising the manufacturing landscape. Technologies have advanced in generative design, industry 4.0, human-robot collaboration, smart ...

26 February 2021
Max Fraser-Krauss By Max Fraser-Krauss

Base Oils: Maximising Performance Using Environmentally Conscious Alternatives.

Sustainability is becoming a priority for industry leaders throughout the chemicals space, especially in base oils.

25 February 2021
Henry Longhurst By Henry Longhurst

3 Trends Determining the Future of European Data Centres.

The data centre industry is booming. Infrastructure is projected to reach $200 billion worldwide by the end of the year and there’s a newfound opti...

12 February 2021
Sameer Jaffary By Sameer Jaffary

5 Gold Miners Rising to the Challenge.

The last 12 months have been challenging for businesses globally, but the gold mining industry has adapted well and recorded close to record profit...

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