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29 September 2020
By Alex Mason By Alex Mason

"We're the of the Water Industry."

I spoke to Dean Amhaus who has been President and CEO of The Water Council for the last 10 years. This non-profit organization is dedicated to solv...

25 September 2020
By Max Fraser-Krauss By Max Fraser-Krauss

Embracing Sustainability in Specialty Chemicals.

The opportunities for green innovation are substantial in speciality chemicals and the sustainability initiatives happening in the fuel, oil & lubr...

18 September 2020
By Will Brockbank By Will Brockbank

Pumps Could Change the World, Again.

Pumps account for 10% of the world’s energy consumption. Making them more efficient could change the world.

08 September 2020
By Abdulrahim Haddouche By Abdulrahim Haddouche

A Plastic Additive Saving Lives from COVID-19.

Antimicrobial polymers have helped us create reusable face masks to combat COVID-19, but this technology has so much more potential than that.

27 August 2020
By Bilal Ahmed By Bilal Ahmed

Waste-to-Energy Solves So Many Problems.

Waste disposal is a global issue that’s not going away any time soon. Uptake is needed in waste prevention, followed by recycling, energy recovery,...

21 August 2020
By Henry Longhurst By Henry Longhurst

AI & Renewable Energy Is Saving Your Future.

Knowing the weather forecast has never been so important. AI is helping us tackle this and building confidence in renewable energy sources.


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