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13 November 2019 By Oliver Davies

Better Late Than Never: Digitalisation Dawns on the Chemicals Industry.

The chemicals industry, unlike so many others, has been incredibly resistant to adopt advanced technologies like AI – despite the world’s dependenc...

07 November 2019 By Michael Frankland

How the US-China Trade War is Hitting the Semiconductor Industry & Major Tech Brands.

Now semiconductor companies are taking the hit globally as the trade war goes on between China and the US.

31 October 2019 By Maria Temple

Is Your Company Embracing the Big Challenges in Power-Gen?

Facing challenges to become more diverse, digitalized and environmentally friendly - while meeting strict regulations - it’s testing times for comp...

18 October 2019 By Lyle King

We Need to Talk About Smart Water: Jobs, Utilities and Global Water Scarcity.

Smart water networks can and are helping combat the global water scarcity crisis, increasing productivity and efficiency. Their ability to remotely...

11 October 2019 By Connor Lynes

Time Travel, Smart Cabins and Air Taxis Shaping the Future of Flight.

Innovation has long been the beating heartbeat of the aviation industry. With air travel projected to double in 20 years’ time, I’m fascinated to s...

27 September 2019 By Oliver Davies

How to Compete with Corporate Giants for Talent in Chemicals.

Hefty competition from industry giants is making hiring top talent challenging for small to mid-sized chemicals companies. But with the right proce...

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