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20 November 2020
By Abbel Kisanji By Abbel Kisanji

A New Era for Construction & Agricultural Machinery.

Autonomous vehicles are on the rise. By the end of 2025, the global self-driving vehicle market is expected be worth $1.6 million. Now the technolo...

20 November 2020
By Jamie Sheard By Jamie Sheard

How 5 Industry Leaders are Tackling Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion are good for businesses. You can’t argue with that. As a recruiter, I wanted to know what companies in my markets were doin...

29 October 2020
By Aaron Pearce By Aaron Pearce

Time to Double Down on Cargo.

Heading into 2020, there was an equilibrium in rates for air freight. Then a global pandemic hit and everything changed.

20 October 2020
By Abbel Kisanji By Abbel Kisanji

"I Was the Only Black Man at the Conference."

Recruiting in the construction and agricultural machinery space, I’ve noticed a lack of black professionals. I wanted to find out why this is, so s...

29 September 2020
By Alex Mason By Alex Mason

"We're the of the Water Industry."

I spoke to Dean Amhaus who has been President and CEO of The Water Council for the last 10 years. This non-profit organization is dedicated to solv...

25 September 2020
By Max Fraser-Krauss By Max Fraser-Krauss

Embracing Sustainability in Specialty Chemicals.

The opportunities for green innovation are substantial in speciality chemicals and the sustainability initiatives happening in the fuel, oil & lubr...

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