Our Mission.

At CM Industrial, we believe opportunities and solutions are easier to find when people search together. When we collaborate, we discover new and better ideas faster. This shapes our work as a specialist global search firm.

While it’s our role to deliver high-quality recruitment, the power of collaboration makes it our responsibility to participate in our markets. To know and share the latest developments. To always be searching, even when our clients and candidates don’t require our services.

This belief in sharing knowledge is why we are thought leaders as well as a leading consultancy. It’s why we combine our search for talent with searching for insights. It’s why we add as much value as an expert resource as we do with our expert resourcing.

This isn’t naivety — we know what our role is. But by searching alongside the experts in our markets instead of just searching for them, we can find their futures faster. And there’s no competitive advantage bigger than that.

We don't have customers, just business partners who understand the value of a world class recruitment process Oliver Davies Business Manager
We can help you grow.

CM Industrial know how difficult it is for organisations to find the best talent.

That’s why our hand-picked team understand the need to partner with our clients to find the very best candidates on the market.

We provide a bespoke service and solution that mirrors your organisation’s objectives, which places you at the forefront of the race for global talent.

Searching together, not on your own.

In competitive industrial markets, looking for a new role is a daunting prospect. Whilst you want to put yourself out there, confidentiality is key. When we work with candidates looking for something new, we spend time learning about their drivers, motivations and needs before conducting proactive, discreet searches on their behalf.  

A new approach.

We don't believe it's enough to just say you're a specialist in your sector. We strive to prove it. That's why our team are always looking to collaborate with life science businesses and thought leaders, providing new insight into the areas that matter most. 

CM Industrial provides a thorough, end-to-end recruitment solution, prioritising our partners and placing an emphasis on ethics and integrity Ben Robinson Associate Director
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