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26 June 2023
Joe Michie Sam McMillan By Joe Michie & Sam McMillan

What to Watch at Automatica 2023.

Automatica, the renowned conference on smart robotics and automation, is set to captivate technology enthusiasts and industry professionals in Munich this week. This year, the event promises to showcase cutting-edge innovations in various sub-sectors of robotics and automation.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the most exciting tech and companies we’ll be looking out for when attending. To make this easier, we’ve split it into sections of software, machine vision, motion control, sensors, and collaborative robots. If you know of anyone else who should be included but isn’t, please get in touch and let us know!

Find Sam on LinkedIn here and Joe here, and feel free to get in touch and connect!


Empowering Automation with Intelligent Programming.

ArtiMinds Robotic, have recently introduced ArtiMinds RPS. This revolutionary software generates secure and verified source code in the robot manufacturer's specific language, ensuring maximum process reliability and robustness. By utilizing the manufacturer's communication paths, ArtiMinds RPS optimizes code generation, minimizing errors and enhancing overall efficiency.

NEXUSTEC’s Trimiti is a worker assistance and quality control system powered by AI. Described as the “missing link to Industry 4.0”, Trimiti makes manual production look easy! Be sure to attend CTO of NEXUSTEC, Sourabh Bodas’ talk at the Vision Expert Huddle on 28th June at 10:30AM for more insights.

Fruitcore Robotics offers user-friendly horstFX software, designed with a graphical interface to streamline programming for touchscreens and operating panels.

Micropsi Industries presents the MIRAI Robot Control System, which employs artificial intelligence to handle variances in position, shape, or movement in real-time, allowing for flexible retraining and improved adaptability.

MOV.AI provides ROS-based software development tools that expedite robot development while ensuring security, safety, and compliance.

Machine Vision

Enhancing Perception and Precision.

MVTec Software is blazing a trail with its flagship software, Halcon. Halcon, a comprehensive standard software with an integrated development environment (HDevelop), enables rapid development of various machine vision applications. With continuous access to the latest technologies, users can leverage Halcon's cutting-edge capabilities to solve complex vision tasks.

Mech-Mind Robotics, a prominent player in 3D vision and AI technologies, empowers industrial robots with their Mech-Eye 3D camera, Mech-Vision machine vision software, Mech-DLK deep learning software, and Mech-Viz robot programming software. With their affordable and user-friendly products, Mech-Mind helps system integrators deliver robust and intelligent robotic systems for diverse applications, from bin picking to palletizing.

Motion Control

Powering Precision and Performance.

Synapticon excels in motion control with their range of servo drives, integrated motion devices, and motion software. Their SOMANET servo drives offer unparalleled performance, efficiency, and protection, while the SOMANET integrated motion devices combine multiple functionalities into a single unit. Synapticon's OBLAC commissioning and tuning tools simplify motion axis engineering, and the MOTORCORTEX motion suite facilitates high-performance multi-axis motion controller setups, leveraging modern software architecture and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


Pioneering Safety and Reliability.

Inxpect, the visionary sensor technology company, introduces radar-based smart sensors that revolutionize industrial automation and robotics. Their LBK System, the world's first safety-rated radar for industrial use, ensures robust safety standards while enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Inxpect's certified radar sensors provide reliable and precise data, opening new possibilities for automation in various industries, including security and building automation.

Collaborative Robots

Redefining Human-Robot Interaction.

Universal Robots are one of the biggest names in the cobot space and are continuing to impress with their next-generation UR20 cobot. Delivering exceptional performance, versatility, and ease of use, the UR20 exemplifies the evolution of collaborative robots.

Doosan Robotics, on the other hand, presents the DR.PRESSO, a coffee barista robot that operates autonomously and provides premium coffee around the clock.

Kassow Robots captures attention with its line of Five 7-axis cobots, boasting impressive payloads, extensive reach, and high speeds. These cobots offer flexible automation solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

The Automatica conference in Munich is an eagerly anticipated event for anyone working in the robotics and automation industry and we can’t wait to see what’s on show this year. Attendees can expect to witness the fusion of technology and automation, revolutionizing industries and driving efficiency and productivity to new heights.

If you’ve got something you’d like to discuss or have time for a coffee, we’d love to chat. Drop us a message to catch up during or after the event!

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Joe Michie is a Business Consultant in the Industrial industry specialising in Industrial/Factory automation. Joe has previously worked in the industrial recruitment sector as a Business Development Consultant and is passionate about everything automation!

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Sam focuses on building tech-focused teams globally across a number of sectors. If you are searching for professionals in Software Development, Cloud Development, DevOps & Infrastructure or Tech leadership for your team, Sam is the right person for you.

Sam has a track record of successfully aiding the growth of technical teams (engineering level up to senior leadership), along with providing collaborative solutions for both his clients and candidates.


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