How Far Are We From a Dark Warehouse? with Marcel van Schijndel, CEO of WSR Solutions.

Sameer Jaffary By Sameer Jaffary

The Reality of a Smart Factory Future

Part 3: How Far Are We From a Dark Warehouse?

In the final part of this three-part series, our CM Industrial Business Consultant, Sameer Jaffary, chats to Marcel van Schijndel, CEO and founder of WSR Solutions. As a specialist recruiter in the Intralogistics & Warehouse Automation market, Sameer discusses what increased levels of automation really mean for the future of the industry with Marcel, who shares his insight as founder of a fully automatic mixed palletizing solutions organisation.

Whether you’re in the warehouse automation market, are intrigued by wider discussions around Smart Factories, or are wondering what their introduction means for the future of your company and market – then be sure to have a listen.

There’s plenty more industry insight in the two previous episodes, which cover the impact and introduction of 3D Printing and Industrial Automation within the Smart Factory, and how these facilitate the future Dark Warehouse. Subscribe to the series to be notified when all episodes are available.

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