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You’re here to learn about Polymateria and what life is like at this pioneering, ambitious start-up.

Polymateria are changing the way we think about plastics.

They’ve produced an additive that can lie dormant in plastics and then activate at a specific time to start the biodegrading process. This returns the polymer back to nature safely, without producing any microplastics or harmful by-products.

This game-changing technology makes life at their London HQ exciting, meaningful and fast-paced.

Scroll down to the video below to get a better understanding of what it means to work at Polymateria.

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A Fast Growing Start-Up.

Polymateria provide a solution to one of the biggest environment issues in the world.

This innovative technology hasn’t gone unnoticed. The London company have enjoyed rapid commercial growth and show no signs of stopping with a footprint in five continents.

This growth is driven by the collaborative efforts of their innovative R&D and commercial teams. Together, these people are changing the world we live in and protecting our planet. 

Everyone Talks to Everyone.

The flat working structure means that you can make your mark on the company, collaborating with people at every level. This culture has helped Polymateria become the forward thinking company it is today, supported by a united team of experts. 

Step Inside Polymateria with CM Industrial.

CM Industrial took a trip down to London to chat with CEO Niall Dunne, CFO Karam Hiriji and members of the reserach team to get a taste of life at Polymateria. 

What Polymateria's People Say.

We've got a great group working together to change the way people think about plastics. Niall Dunne CEO
You’re given autonomy to really think for yourself, make smart decisions and shape the business how you see best. Karam Hiriji CFO
It's really rewarding to see our technology making a difference globally. Verónica Pujadas Commercial Logistics Manager
No one has ever done this before. That makes each day exciting, challenging and enjoyable. Lauren Johnstone Analytical and Research Technician

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