10 January 2023
Alex Lyon Lewis Martin By Alex Lyon & Lewis Martin

Smart Technology & Talent Retention in Access Control: An Interview with Lee Odess.

Exploring Smart Technology Within Security and Access Control.

As the smart technology trajectory climbs consistently within the security and access control space, exploring its possible uses is becoming a broader range of investigation. With so many industry leaders looking to gain from the movement’s progress and join in its development, I sat down with Lee Odess, consultant and content creator with over 20 years of experience in the building products industry, now working in the heart of the security and access control space.

Lee shares a wealth of insight into how smart tech has developed in the industry, what it could mean for effective processes and staff retention, and what lies ahead for the market.

In Conversation with Lee Odess.

How have you seen the progression from physical to digital in the security sector?

The smart tech side has really done a lot…instead of having hardware that had software to support it, we now have software that has the hardware to support it. We’re seeing a digital transformation within our industry, it’s morphing - I can do it all from the palm of my hand. The cottage industry we’ve had in the security and access control space is now turning into a mainstream energy industry, going from a $10 billion industry to a $70 billion industry, and that’s frankly due to software changes.” 

How would you describe the primary benefits of utilising smart tech?

Firstly, there are huge benefits around safety and security. That value proposition is very important and needs to be noticed. You also have operational efficiencies beyond this - our processes and productions are faster, more secure, more effective. Now we’ve gone to digital and mobile, I can get to where I need to be.”

You’ve spoken recently about retrofitting. What do you expect to see in this space?

The slowdown of new construction around the pandemic, alongside the clarity the pandemic gave us that - these systems weren’t set up for remote access - is forcing people to look at retrofitting. I think some budgets are coming into play to help bring systems up to today's standards of how they should operate. That's what's going to drive this sort of retrofit remodel focus versus new construction.”

What companies do you think we should be watching in 2023?

Companies that are focusing on smart use of tech will see a positive boost in staff retention as it makes processing and staff support easier. Apple is definitely one of them with the tap that opens, and I actually think that will spark a bunch of innovation, and there will always be competition. I really think there’s also a very robust marketplace outside of North America - Japan, India, Sweden - that’s going to influence the industry heavily.  

I think another area where I see that happening is even further convergence of video with access control across a range of companies, not only in data collection, but in understanding usage, authentication, and biometric aspects.”

The Full Picture.

From this discussion with Lee, it’s clear to see how the security and access control space has changed and is continuing to develop, providing more streamlined working processes, better solutions, and improved staff retention due to optimised working and adaptability. From retrofitting to biometrics, the future is secure for smart tech in security and access.

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Smart Technology & Talent Retention in Access Control: An Interview with Lee Odess.
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Smart Technology & Talent Retention in Access Control: An Interview with Lee Odess.

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