Overcoming Challenges in Automating O&M Activities for Solar Assets.

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

As the world becomes evermore sustainable, renewable energy is at the forefront of meeting a net zero reality. There is still a lot left to be understood when it comes to effectively automating operations and maintenance activities, especially in the solar asset management space.

In this webinar, Bill is joined by VP of Marketing at SmartHelio, Shankaransh Srivastava, and Director of Growth at Green Eagle Solutions, Oscar Perez Alonso. The panel highlight their global expertise, discussing:

  • Reducing pressure on Asset Managers.

  • Scaling autonomous activities within portfolios of solar assets.

  • Overcoming resistance when integrating new platforms.

  • The future of software and automation within O&M activities.

  • Difficulties finding the right talent in an emerging market.

As well as covering off a live Q&A at the end of the session. Definitely one to watch!

Want to know more? Download your free key takeaways PDF from the event, here.


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