17 August 2022
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How Can Additive Manufacturing Support Your Industry?

The Future of Additive Manufacturing.

The story so far of 3D printing or additive manufacturing is genuinely remarkable. Utilising computer-aided design and 3D object scanners, additive manufacturing creates specific 3D objects, layer by layer, in a variety of individual techniques and different materials, including lamination, polymerisation, and extrusion. The vast decrease in lead time, cost, and material wastage have helped make additive manufacturing increasingly popular across all industries.

For companies looking to occupy the additive manufacturing (AM) space, there are great rewards to reap in terms of greater efficiency, lower company spending and overall business success. As we also face global supply chain disruption, digital production could be a great help in trying times. As the AM sector continues to gain momentum, I wanted to explore some of the leading players in this area of innovation and growth to see how they are making the most of new developments.

Companies Leading Change.


Xerox, ever the leader in their sector, has always had a reputation for innovation, and this outlook is no different in 2022. With over 13,000 patents active, and at #415 on the Fortune 500 list, Xerox are heavy hitters in their field. As additive manufacturing has developed, their scientists and engineers have been focused on further development, working within digital transformation, augmented reality, robotic process automation, and additive manufacturing products for the market.

The Xerox ElemX 3D is their first AM release, melting aluminium and using precise droplets to develop a layered object on a stable platform, before quickly cooling in a water tank for completion. Trusted for their comprehensive research and development, the Naval Postgraduate School have agreed to collaborate with Xerox and the ElemX 3D as of February 2021, looking to develop the ways in which the military supplies its forward-deployed forces.

Xerox Chief Technology Officer, Naresh Shanker, recognises that the “military supply chain is among the most complex in the world,” and that onboarding of the ElemX 3D and Xerox’s additive manufacturing expertise can “help deliver supply chain flexibility and resiliency” where needed most. In this work with the Navy and Marine Corps, Xerox looks set to fully explore the potential for greater efficiency, reduced supply chain delays, and lower cost when exploiting additive manufacturing technologies.


Nexa3D’s additive manufacturing offer is enviable, offering ultrafast and efficient polymer additive production. Their impressive fleet of additive manufacturing solutions is fully equipped to tackle any industrial sector, offering superb surface finish and an open material platform across their range.

This Californian company is facing a period of extreme growth, thanks in no small part to their competitive technology. Whichever Nexa3D additive manufacturing solution you choose, you can expect a great reduction in prototyping and production cycles, saving thousands of hours in production. With minimal supply chain issues and lower material costs, Nexa3D’s technologies also deliver a 20x increase in productivity over traditional methods.

The range and flexibility of additive manufacturing solutions at Nexa3D is inspiring, and they look set to have a stronghold in the industry ahead. If you’re looking for expertise you can trust, Nexa3D is worth talking to.

Uniformity Labs

Founded in Fremont, CA, in 2014, Uniformity Labs offer breakthrough material and software solutions with an exciting trajectory within additive manufacturing. Their patented technology enables faster production, greater quality, and significant cost savings across industry spaces. Their reliability can be trusted, whatever the scale of your operation.

Their output includes metal materials and alloys for powder bed fusion, jetting, and other platforms, working across the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries - to name a few. Their offer is remarkably comprehensive, indicating plenty of room for innovation across the additive manufacturing sector if you have the expertise and energy to take on the challenge.

Seizing The Market

From broadscale companies to niche collectives, there is great room for development within the additive manufacturing space - and plenty of opportunities to take the lead on this new wave of innovation for the companies that find themselves equipped, brave, and inspired enough to do so.

As all industries face great upheaval, exploiting the potential of additive manufacturing could be the perfect answer to supply chain issues and help companies across all sectors survive and thrive.

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How Can Additive Manufacturing Support Your Industry?
17 August 2022
CM Industrial By CM Industrial

How Can Additive Manufacturing Support Your Industry?

As the additive manufacturing sector continues to gain momentum, I wanted to explore a few the leading new players and their most innovative new developments. Click to find out who.

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