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26 July 2022
CM Industrial By CM Industrial

Smart Buildings: The Future of Building Management.

Smart buildings have clearly defined themselves as the way of business future. Post-pandemic, the way our offices and shared spaces run has changed completely, and sleek, updated tech is a strong component in developing a robust ESG offering.

Environment, social, and governance (ESG) strategy has become increasingly important post-Covid, with planet-focused sustainability, working purpose, and employee experience gaining greater scrutiny as we adapt to diverse ways of remote and hybrid working that respect the individual and understand the importance of honouring individual talent to create a strong and resilient company. 

Clever tech solutions and upgrading to smart building working is an increasingly popular step in creating a comfortable worker and visitor experience, ensuring optimum wellbeing, and creating a positive brand reputation in a world that looks to community and collaboration for future success. Whilst there are plenty of companies offering smart building tech on the market, some main players have truly stepped up their game post-pandemic. Their support and expertise could be just what you’re looking for if you’ve been considering a step toward smart building infrastructure.

Adaptive Smart Building Companies.


With a truly global offer, Haltian provides world-class end-to-end solutions and services in the smart building space, offering smart product consultation and development and smart office solutions across the industry. Working with the likes of Lindstrom, IBM, and DevicePilot. (In fact, here's a guest article I wrote for them discussing the common technologies in IoT devices).

Their Empathetic Office technology focuses specifically on smart office solutions, with a dedicated effort to improve employee happiness and well-being, combining smart building technology, forward-thinking culture development, and holistic physical space management. With easy-to-use browser access, the platform allows room booking, building navigation, environment management and employee reporting on comfort or capacity issues.

Alongside this comprehensive management platform offer, Haltian offers occupancy and air quality monitoring devices to ensure workspaces stay comfortable, safe, supportive - and sustainable.

Haltian’s broad product development space benefits from over twenty years of team engineering experience to help develop your product from concept to delivery. From wearable technology such as smart glasses to imaging devices, GPS tracking devices, and healthcare technology, Haltian are front and centre in creating smart building technology that can effectively support your ESG efforts and a comfortable, productive building for years to come.


Sharry offers touch-free access and reception management solutions for office spaces of any scale, integrated with over 20 access control systems with a white-label offer as standard to allow full customisability to your needs and your company branding.

From access turnstiles, QR entry, elevators, and digital parking reservations, to fully custom visitor management software that fits your brand and high-end digital signage, Sharry has developed a strong position in the industry as we exit the pandemic.

Jakub Zagórski, Digital Business Strategy Director of Skanska, one particularly pleased client of Sharry’s, shares their advanced success in remote working thanks to Sharry’s platform:

We especially appreciate the capability of Sharry to integrate the most of existing access control systems. The joint project Connected by Skanska and 18 fully integrated office buildings in 4 European markets are the best evidence of our long-term and successful cooperation."


Deepki, a certified B Corp corporation, focuses on creating virtuous real estate, operating in over 39 countries and saving over 180,000 tons of Co2 from entering our atmosphere. Their state-of-the-art data management and monitoring platform make achieving ESG goals easier than ever. From data collection and analysis to full strategy implementation, Deepki’s offer is designed to help real estate entrepreneurs mitigate their past carbon damage, and create a more sustainable, planet-positive industry for the future.

Deepki’s SaaS platform, Deepki Ready, includes Deepki Success and Deepki Advisory to ensure comprehensive ESG assessment and implementation in your organisation. Success offers technical support, training, and guidance, while Advisory’s bespoke consultation service allows deeper exploration of your needs and trajectories.


Spaceti offers a holistic building experience platform, built specifically for real estate managers. Their technology allows users to make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, enhance building user experience, and develop the ultimate in flexible and sustainable hybrid working environments.

Their integrated workplace management system allows comprehensive workspace, meeting room, and even parking spot management at just the touch of a button. ESG, air quality data, and workplace and occupancy analytics offer greater reporting for smart building working that truly values ESG strategy, and allows building users a space that satisfies.

Smart lockers and building sensors also feature in their product range, ensuring you can maintain the healthiest and most inspiring spaces for your workforce. Spaceti offers an impressive integration range, too, including Microsoft Office and Outlook, okta, Google, HID, and Ganter - among many others.


Spaceos offer tech integration for smart building across all industries - from real estate to public companies, coworking brands, and hybrid offices. Their workplace experience platform, building management services, and data extraction tools span across their specific customised solutions: spaceOS Asset, spaceOS Flex, and spaceOS Hybrid.

spaceOS Asset supports building access and amenity booking for entire property portfolios, mixed-use developments, and single multi-let buildings, allowing clients to meet ever-shifting tenant demands in a world ready for adaptation with confidence and ease.

Meanwhile, spaceOS Flex redefines the smart building space for innovation campuses, education settings, and coworking companies, with a focus on community, customisation, and comprehensive hospitality services - including end-to-end transaction and payment systems and broad space for access options and multiple vendors.

For absolute workplace management and smart building upgrade, spaceOS Hybrid is custom-built to support workforces of all sizes, across on-site, hybrid, and remote employees. Space booking, touch-free digital access, and comprehensive employee reporting and communication are all seamlessly integrated.

A Building For Tomorrow.

From access digitisation to environment monitoring and full building management, it’s clear that the smart building tech offering is greatly advancing.

Creating a building that works to the optimum for your employees and tenants is crucial to successful ESG delivery, sustained user comfort, and a building that is futureproofed for whatever comes our way. In a world of continuous adaptation and competition, smart buildings can help you stay at the top of your game.

Fancy chatting about smart buildings in some more detail, or have any comments on this article you'd like to share? Drop me a message at or connect with me on LinkedIn to chat!

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