Are Heat Pumps the Answer to Reaching Net Zero? with Laura Bishop, Chair of the GSHPA.

Will Brockbank By Will Brockbank

In this episode I speak with Laura Bishop, Director of Infinitas Design and Chair of the GSHPA.

As a specialist recruiter in the Rotating Equipment Space, I was keen to discuss the noticeable lack of talent in the booming heat pump market with someone as insightful as Laura. As governments continue to implement extreme sustainability goals, is the market set to grow at an unmanageable rate? We discuss this, and much more, as she pulls on her wealth of industry experience from leading sustainable design teams at EON to launching her own commercial and industrial renewable heat systems company in October 2020.

Whether you’re in the heat pump market, are intrigued by discussions around the future impact of government mandates and new technologies or are wondering what their introduction means for your company and market – then be sure to have a listen.

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