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Can Modular Construction Solve the Skills Shortage in the Hi-Tech Construction Industry?

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

The talent shortage in the construction industry is nothing new; it's a problem that has burdened the sector for a number of years.

With the Data Centre, Life Science and Healthcare markets all seeing a huge rise in activity over the last 18 months, the talent gap is starting to severely affect these hi-tech construction markets. Construction companies are fighting for the best talent and many are struggling to find the right people. So how do we solve this issue?

Gratefully, Modubuild's Talent Experience Specialist Ciara O'Dwyer was at hand to give the inside scoop on how internal talent specialists are tackling this challenge and whether modular construction can truly bridge the talent gap in our industry.Modular construction is seen by many as the future of the industry and requires new skillsets that previously weren't as vital within the construction process.

This is opening up new possibilities for people to enter the construction industry, who may not have previously considered the sector as a career option.If you have any questions about the podcast, please don't hesitate to email me at And for more of my content, please click here.

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