Convincing the world that waste management is getting smarter.

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How do we convince the world that waste management is smart? And how do we get the public to engage with its new, smart systems and technology?

On Tuesday 10th August, we'll be asking those big questions to two global leaders in smart waste technology – as part of CM Industrial’s latest live webinar.

We’ll be joined by an expert panel including:

  • George Bassenge, Head of Business Development at emz - environmental technology GmbH
  • Theo Kik, Managing Director at Mr. Fill

From the webinar, you’ll find out how these industry experts are changing perceptions about waste management processes, how they’re convincing municipalities & governments to invest in our industry and how they’re getting the general public to engage with their technology!

You’ll also be able to ask our guests your own questions in a live Q&A section at the end of the webinar.

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