Overcoming the Challenges of Pump Sustainability.

Will Brockbank By Will Brockbank

Two years ago, my colleague, Oliver Davies, wrote about "Why the Humble Pump Could Change the World". It sounds far-fetched, but it’s true.

Pumps account for 10% of the world’s energy consumption. They’re everywhere and an integral part of our lives and industries.

With the population on the rise and infrastructure needed to support that, the number of pumps in the world is increasing. This presents a challenge for the rotating equipment industry to provide more pumps, while reducing energy consumption.

Knowing this, I decided to write about some of the companies addressing this issue in my own article: "Pumps Could Change the World, Again." I was amazed by the reaction this got from my network and on LinkedIn, so have now followed that up with a CM Conversations episode. 

In this podcast, I speak to Jon Ander Agirrebengoa, who’s Managing Director of Emica Pumps – which is a Spanish pumps manufacturer that works with its clients to achieve more sustainable solutions. We discuss the main sustainability challenges the industry faces and how we can overcome them. 

I hope you find this helpful! If you have any questions for myself or Jon, please email me at Will.Brockbank@industrial-cm.com.

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