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What's Changing for Data Centre General Contractors?

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

The data centre industry is booming.

Infrastructure is projected to reach $200 billion worldwide by the end of the year and there’s a newfound optimism throughout the sector. Even with the challenges of 2020, Europe’s data centre market has managed to prosper. I've written about this in a previous article.

Within this exciting industry, the role of General Contractors is going through a transformation. In this live CM Conversations episode, we discuss these changes and tackle questions like:

• Are we starting to see a more integrated approach to design & build construction projects?

• Is the Uber model coming to construction?

• How will self-performing contractors like DPR evolve?

• Is Pre-fabrication, modular construction the future for data centres?

• Who will be the most important person on a construction site in the future?

• Which technology do you see being the next big thing for use in data centre projects?

To do this, I speak to Damian Farr who’s the European Managing Director of DPR. Damian is an experienced engineering construction professional with a strong international project track record, delivering complex major engineering projects in the power, mission critical, technology, life sciences and health sectors.

To give you a flavour of what to expect from this podcast, we've created a short highlights clip here: "Is the Role of the Data Centre General Contractor Changing?".

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