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Let's Choose to Challenge in Power-Gen.

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

Happy International Women’s Day!

This years’ theme is ‘choose to challenge’ because a challenged world is an alert world. And from challenges, comes change!

As a global, executive recruiter in power-gen, I’ve been a long-time advocate of gender equality and diversity in the industry writing articles on the value of communication for women in the industry and speaking out about its gender imbalance in videos.

In 2021, women still only count for about 20% of the engineering sector. And I know that there’s even fewer in senior leadership roles.

But times are changing and we’re heading in the right direction.

Having done a lot of research to support my past articles and videos on women in industrial, and having spoken to inspirational female leaders like Michele Robert, former CEO of GE Power Conversation Latin America and many more at recent IET Awards – it’s clear to see that more women are enjoying success within the space. This is empowering others to step-up, and to challenge gender imbalance too.

We now have role models like Helena Hedblom, CEO and President at Eporic, & Denise Johnson, Group President at Caterpillar Inc; who have shown what can be achieved in the power-gen industry.

After all, it’s a fantastic space. And with a more diverse work force, think of all the great things we can achieve.

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