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"Let's take the word 'waste' out of 'wastewater' because it has valuable resources."

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

There’s a growing awareness about how we use and reuse our water.

This has hit new heights recently because of the Netflix documentary, Brave Blue World. It’s really opened people’s eyes to the innovations that could help us build a future for sustainable water.

In the documentary, I was particularly inspired by one man: Frank Rogalla. Frank is the Director of Innovation and Technology at Aqualia – a Spanish company that provides water services for over 20 million people.

Franks and his team have found a way to produce biogas from wastewater. The potential of this energy source is enormous. So, to learn more, I invited him onto CM Conversations.

In this episode, I talk to Frank about the important work he’s involved with at Aqualia, plus the value of wastewater and how we can build a future for sustainable water. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast.

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