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"When you have diversity, people see you for who you are and not just as a part of the minority."

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

Recruiting in the construction, agricultural and aggregate markets, I’ve noticed a lack of black professionals. This is especially true in leadership roles. The higher in seniority you go, the fewer black professionals you’ll find.

However, as a black man that talks to people in this space every day, I’ve never experienced racism or conscious discrimination. So, I’ve often wondered why this imbalance exists in these industries?

So, I reached out to black professionals in the market to hear about their experiences.

This got me chatting to Michael Miller, a black professional who has over 19 year’s experience in construction as an environmental engineer and is now President at Sustainable Soilutions - a soil company based in Orlando, Florida. We were also joined by his friend, Edward Gonzalez, an Account Manager at Mellott Company.

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