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You Could Solve the Plastics Crisis.

CM Industrial By CM Industrial

Ready to change the world?

Millions of tons of plastic ends up in landfill every year, some of which takes hundreds of years to degrade. It's a huge problem for the industry that, until recently, looked unlikely to be solved any time soon.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that, as Polymateria's next Senior Vice President of Global Sales, you could have a big part to play in solving this crisis.

Polymateria's technology is game-changing.

Their additive lies dormant in plastics, activating at a specific time to start the biodegrading process when necessary. This returns the polymer back to nature safely, without producing any microplastics or harmful by-products.

Learn more about the London start-up and their technology by watching what went on when CM Industrial went down the visit the team. Watch it now - 'Catching up with Polymateria'.

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