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As we look to the future and hope for more sustainable production solutions, companies are already exploring new ways of enhancing their manufacturing processes. These actionable goals aim to lower their energy consumption and waste.  

3D printing is one of the key drivers of these sustainable trends.

LuxCreo are a pioneer in the 3D printing world, following their mission to advance the world’s shift to sustainable manufacturing with the help of 3D printing technologies. Moreover, they are a production-first company which means that every action is centered on successful volume production.

With big and exciting plans ahead, they need your help to do it.

Scroll down to discover more about LuxCreo and let them tell you why they are an excellent company to work for.

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CM Industrial X LuxCreo

Step Inside LuxCreo with CM Industrial.

CM Industrial met with LuxCreo and spoke to their fantastic team about their exciting plans for growth and learn about the company's culture and future plans. 

  • Series B funding
  • Kleiner Perkins backing
  • Production-first focus

Growing to Change the World.

With Series B funding, LuxCreo is looking to grow and expand to meet the high demand levels. In addition, LuxCreo is backed by Kleiner Perkins, an American venture capital firm that has also backed Google, and Twitter.

LuxCreo’s technology has the potential to change the world. To help them meet this objective, they’re growing.

LuxCreo are on the hunt for experienced, forward-thinking people like you to join their growing team. This includes 4 members of permanent staff to help them bulk up their presence in the US, with plans to grow globally.

What LuxCreo's People Say.

You don’t find our technology at any other company, so you’ll have the chance to work with something that is disrupting the industry. Fernando Grego 3D Printing Applications Engineer
We feel like everyone has a voice and that’s the only way that we’ll succeed. Michael Strohecker Chief Revenue Officer
We are a very agile company, we learn very fast as a team and we are very collaborative. Louise Lu VP of Corporate Strategy
We are small, we are young, we are very innovative. Tao Feng Chief Intellectual Property Officer

View LuxCreo's Smart Factory .

Join us on a video tour of LuxCreo's impressive smart factory. 

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